Tinnitus Success Stories: Negative Effects of Stress

“Hello, my name is Richard and I have been suffering from tinnitus for approximately two and a half years. And this has been a result of a major stress that occurred in my life. I’ve been looking for answers and ways to manage the tinnitus. I came across Dr. Ben Thompson’s tinnitus site, and a number of various tools that were available there to help in terms of managing the tinnitus.

I was able to join [Pure Tinnitus Group Coaching], which was very helpful because they’re on the chat where other people who are giving their testimonials of how they are managing their tinnitus, and some of the strategies and tools that they were using, which was very helpful to me personally.

And it also confirmed some of the strategies that I had considered to use going forward. In addition to that, I was aware that meditation was one of the strategies to be used in managing tinnitus, but I had not taken any steps along that line. And then I found the seven day tinnitus meditation challenge.
And I’ve started to take that challenge and I’m finding now by using meditation that’s really helping me to calm down my system and my body or my mind rather, and to find some measure of ability to manage the tinnitus, tinnitus in a much better way. And so I found that my tinnitus does fluctuate from time to time, but most of the time, it’s now in a marriageable state and I’m able to enjoy pretty good lifestyle because of that.

So I would recommend if you’re having trouble with tinnitus, that you make contact with Dr. Ben Thompson, and use the various tools and strategies and what is available on the website including using meditation as a way to help you to manage your tinnitus. Thank you.”

Richard explains his tinnitus success story.

Full Interview

To listen to a full interview with Richard, see episode four of the Pure Tinnitus & Hearing Podcast:

Dr. Thompson interviews Richard about his stress-induced tinnitus.
Dr. Ben Thompson, Au.D.

Dr. Ben Thompson, Au.D.

Dr. Ben Thompson is an audiologist in California and founder of Pure Tinnitus. Dr. Thompson has a comprehensive knowledge of tinnitus management. He completed his residency at University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) and is a past board member of the California Academy of Audiology. Via telehealth, Dr. Thompson provides services to patients with hearing loss and tinnitus.

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