Tinnitus Therapy With An Individual Touch

I have tinnitus and I confess it has been a struggle, but I’ve found some good resources out there and one of them is Pure Tinnitus with Dr. Ben Thompson. He’s such a compassionate and knowledgeable individual. He’s a very good listener...There’s a sense of community on [Pure Tinnitus Group Coaching]. We’re in it together. There’s also this individual touch so you can find what you need.

Sara (USA

From Fighting Tinnitus to A Normal Life Again

When I ruptured my eardrum a year ago resulting in tinnitus, my life flipped upside down. It became a struggle to find the bright side of anything. I was in a dark place for many months ...When I found Pure Tinnitus and Dr. Ben I learned that I needed to change my lifestyle in some pretty drastic ways. Thanks to Dr. Ben I feel like I can live a normal life again soon and I’m learning that I don’t have to fight my tinnitus.

Jody (USA)

From High Stress To A Healthy Lifestyle

I have been suffering from tinnitus for approximately two and a half years. This has been a result of a major stress that occurred in my life...I came across Dr. Ben Thompson’s tinnitus site. I was able to join the [Group Coaching], which was very helpful. I started to take the 7-day meditation challenge. Now, meditation helps me calm down my mind and find some ability to manage the tinnitus in a much better way. My tinnitus does fluctuate from time to time, but most of the time now it's in a manageable state and I'm able to enjoy a pretty good lifestyle because of that.

Richard (Australia)

Letting Go of Anger Towards Tinnitus

I got familiar with Dr. Ben through my writings for the American Tinnitus Association. I have had so much help from [Pure Tinnitus] ...mainly through the support group and my one-on-one session with Ben. I was still getting angry about my tinnitus. Just talking to Ben eased that 100%. I went from being very upset about my tinnitus to OK: I can live with this.

Trudy (USA)

Learn How To Ease Anxiety and Stress with Meditation

If you don’t have any experience with meditation, then Dr. Ben’s 7-Day Tinnitus Meditation Challenge can help you a lot.

Bjorn (Netherlands)

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