Introduction to Tinnitus with Priscilla Lopez, AuD – #17

Pure Tinnitus and Hearing Podcast with Priscilla Lopez

Dr. Priscilla Lopez joins the Pure Tinnitus Podcast to introduce what tinnitus is and the causes of it. She also shared how Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) works and she also provides some ways to reduce tinnitus.

This episode is in Spanish (Español). El tinnitus o acúfeno es un sonido como un timbre o silbido en los oídos.

0:00 – Pure Tinnitus
0:20 – ¿Qué es el tinnitus? ¿Cómo reducir el volumen de acúfenos?
3:06 – ¿Cuál es la causa principal del tinnitus?
8:30 – ¿Se puede tener tinnitus sin una perdida de audición?
13:42 – ¿Los audífonos ayudarán al tinnitus?
16:02 – Como dormir con tinnitus / acúfenos
18:49 – ¿Qué es Tinnitus Retraining Therapy?

Watch the video to know more information about tinnitus.

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Dr. Ben Thompson, Au.D.

Dr. Ben Thompson, Au.D.

Dr. Ben Thompson is an audiologist in California and founder of Pure Tinnitus. Dr. Thompson has a comprehensive knowledge of tinnitus management. He completed his residency at University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) and is a past board member of the California Academy of Audiology. Via telehealth, Dr. Thompson provides services to patients with hearing loss and tinnitus.

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